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Drive list blank (doesn't redraw) over RDP



Very small issue, running latest (stable) version of Scanner - whenever I disconnect/reconnect to an RDP session to my server (Windows 2012 Enterprise), it blanks out the display in StableBit.  Choosing the dropdown arrow and adding/removing a column forces a redraw. Minimizing the windows and re-enlarging or switching between other processes doesn't seem to matter, only adding a field will get it to populate.


Apologies if there's a better place to have put this - just started my trial on Saturday and then purchased the full suite yesterday - add another FlexRAID refugee to the list.



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Yup, Remote Desktop.  This is a known issues with the controls that we use. 


Grab this version, as it should fix the issue. 




And here is fine, but for any important issues, we do recommend heading to "https://stablebit.com/Contact",as that is much more actively checked. 

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