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Making PoolPart.guid folder visible and non-system


I'll try to keep it short. I'm in the process of upgrading my fileservers in order to consolidate all of my media on a single redundant box acecssible to anyone in the house. I've already got the hardware and copied all of my files over, I set up SnapRAID to calculate parity on my data to protect me against hard drive failure. The only thing left to do is to find a "pooling" software that would allow me to accees all of my data from a single share instead of multiple drives/shares.
I installed DrivePool trial to evaluate it and this is where I got stuck. Apparently by default SnapRAID cannot backup any data written to the DrivePool because DrivePool keeps data in hidden/system folders named PoolPart.guid and SnapRAID ignores hidden/system folders. So here are my questions:
1. I can make the SnapRAID work with DrivePool if I remove the hidden and system attributes from PoolPart.guid folders. Will this cause any problems with the DrivePool software or will it continue to work as usual? Also, will DrivePool reapply hidden/system attributes to the PoolPart.guid folders upon restart or will they remain unhidden and unsystem'ized?
2. I would like to turn off data duplications and rebalancing features of the DrivePool and manage the data myself. I have tried explicitly copying data to the PoolPart.guid folders and it will show up in the DrivePool share. So I know this can be done, but I do not know if it's a good idea or not. If I manage my data by copying/moving data manually to the PoolPart.guid folders, will it cause any problems, or will DrivePool software work as normal?



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No, I did not see it, thanks for pointing it out.
I just read through the thread and I'm a little skeptical. So mvd mounted each individual hard drive into its own empty folder on C drive. From my understanding that should have zero effect on SnapRAID because the PoolPart.guid folder is still hidden/system so SnapRAID would still ignore it. The only thing that mvd did differently is he explicitly pointed SnapRAID to read data INSIDE the hidden/system PoolPart.guid folder.
Interesting idea, but I need to test to see if it actually works. In the meantime I would still appreciate if anybody could chime in on my original questions.
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