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REFS format for CloudDrive on ACD?


Is this recommended? Or even necessary? I guess my main concern is bitrot. I lost an (empty) drive to this and am currently attempting recovery operations as a test to see if I can recover from this state. I got the dreaded REFS The Volume repair was not successful. 


This tells me that REFS was corrupted in some form. While I lost no data, I want to see if I can recover from this state. (running a days long operation to recover the ACD). 


In the meantime I just want to know if it is a recommended to run REFS on an Amazon Cloud Drive. 

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No, this isn't necessary.  


StableBit CloudDrive stores checksum bits for each block of data.   So if something does happe, you'll get an error, actually. From there, you can disable integrity verification to allow the data.


If you want, you can actually test this out, by downloading one of the files, using a hex editor to edit the file and then replacing the file on the provider.  Once you've accessed that chunk, you'll see the error. 



As for ReFS, since this is a stand alone drive, ReFS doesn't have the "self healing" option.  If an error occurs, you're stuck. 




As for recommend, to be honest, we don't recommend using Amazon Cloud Drive for any important information. Period. 

That said, ReFS may cause performance issues for a number of reasons. But there is no technical reason that you can't use it. 

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Thanks this is good info. I have multiple backup tools (backblaze for cold storage) so not terribly concerned IF/WHEN I lose data on ACD. But thanks for the info. I'll stick to NTFS then. 


My main use case with ACD is just simply to store an online mirror of existing data on local storage. IF I were to lose it, I would still have the constantly updating cold storage backup to rely on. I additionally use it as a home surveillance drive as well. 


But yea I work with AWS as a DevOps Eng, so I get the aggravations in dealing with Amazon and ACD on your end (with all the weird issues they have and undocumented limitations) and why ACD is no good for important info. 

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