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Activation ID



Did you guys receive the confirmation mail after purchase containing your activation ID?

I bought DrivePool/Scanner via PayPal yesterday, and have not received my activation ID yet.

Also, the help@covecube.com mail address is non-functional.

Tried a support request via the web-form, but has not heard anything yet.


Is this what to expect from Covecube, or do you mostly have good experiences?

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I also made my purchase yesterday, activated my installation and printed out the license number (on the paper), but after I've bound my email to order, I haven't seen any email from Covecube.

I have no experience about contacting them, so I could say nothing about support.

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If you opened a ticket I should have gotten to it by now and resolved it.

If I haven't, a) I apologize for that, b.) (please!) PM me the ticket # and I'll resolve that right away

Also, paypal sometimes does weird stuff to us, and we apologize for that. 

I've checked your email address, and have manually resent the Order Confirmation Email, so you should receive that shortly. If you don't receive it, double check your junk-mail filters.




If you have any issues, especially licensing/order issues, please contact us at http://stablebit.com/Contact/. We try to get to all tickets within one business day. Or as soon as possible for licensing/order issues.

Also, if you paid with stripe, and attached an email after the order, then that would be the expected behavior. If you do wish to receive a copy of the Order Confirmation Email for your order, use the above link and submit a ticket, and I'll see about getting that to you.

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