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Would it be useful to have a sticky on here, where it's posted when a new beta version comes out, along with what people run into and find in that version? Basically a copy of the changes.txt, but people can then post comments on it etc...


e.g. The issue we had where drives become corrupt... That way it's quick to realize that you probably shouldn't update to the update until it's resolved...?


Just a thought!


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That's a good/bad idea, to be honest.  


Generally, posting about the issues is enough, as long as you're contacting us too.  

If a bunch of people are experiencing the same issues, I always make a point to mention that to Alex directly.  So that if there is a big issue, it gets addressed sooner rather than later. 


I do have a "known issues" thread posted the DrivePool and Scanner forums already, so I supposed I could do so for CloudDrive as well.

The problem is, that since there is such active development going on for Stablebit CloudDrive, doing this would ... really be a lot of work, that *may* not be justified. 


If somebody else wants to do this, I'll certainly pitch in.  But for now, I don't think this is an effective usage of time for support.

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