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Drivepool conflict with Windows 10 Windows Defender?



I have been happily using Drivepool on Windows 10 for many months.  Had some problems but they were not Drivepool's, just bad drives.


Then I tried to do a deep virus scan using Windows Defender.  I had roughly 1 million files across all of my drives, but Windows Defender happily kept scanning for 24 hours and 4 million "files" before I decide to call it quits.  Doing a Norton scan from a bootable USB stick confirmed the approx 1 million files and gave my drives a clean bill of health (no viruses or other malware).


So I am left wondering what happened, and suspecting that the drivepool virtual drive might confuse Windows Defender.  


1) Has anybody reported a similar problem?


2) Does anybody at Covecube have interest in doing further troubleshooting to confirm/reject the problem being Drivepool confusing Window Defender? If yes, feel free to contact me through the email in my registration.

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Windows Defender shouldn't have any issues with the pool. 


However, if it was scanning all of the drives, then it would scan the pool, and then each pooled drive, essentially scanning the files twice (or more).  This could account for the high number of files identified and scanned. 




Otherwise, what specific option did you use here? 

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