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Install/First Use Problem



I've just installed Scanner on my Windows 7 system, which I intend to use only as a backroom media storage device. It has multiple terabyte hard drives, totaling about 9TB. They are all 1TB drives plus a 4TB drive. The HDD are connected to onboard SATA controllers, except 2 which are connected to an SiL 3132 PCIe SATA board. I am running Drivepool (no duplication yet) on 4 of the 1TB drives. The other drives are not pooled yet.


In windows device manager, I do have two devices showing up with an alert. I suspect this may be the drives connected to the SiL 3132 PCIe SATA board. However, I can't find a W7 driver, and the drives connected to this board behave normally in terms of read/write. I'm not sure that this has anything to do with the problem, since drivepool, fastcopy, etc all operate normally.


After downloading and installing Scanner, just after getting the Installation Successful popup, another larger (blank) window opens up, and when clicking on it, it gives a DrivePool Scanner (Not Responding) message in the window title, and the computer slows to the point of being almost unresponsive too. The only thing I can do is restart the computer with the power button.


Uninstalling is not successful, neither is repair. I have uninstalled using safe mode, then reinstalled, only to get the same problem.


I'd like to take advantage of Scanners features, and the combined pricing of the 2 products, but this is slowing my implementation down, and I'm ready to just do without it. Is there anything I've overlooked, or a compatibility issue such as with the PCIe SATA?

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So after reinstalling and getting the same symptons as described above. I turned the computer off, and back on. Everything booted normally, and this time when strating Scanner from the Start Menu, it opened, registered, and appears to be scanning my disks as it should. Strange that after 2 installs I had to "hard" reboot using the power button. I hope everything is indeed operating OK.

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For the drivers:



Since I'm not sure which version of Windows you're using, but these are the WIn7 drivers for both architectures:

x86:  http://www.siliconimage.com/docs/3132r5_x86_15190_logo_win7.zip

x64:  http://www.siliconimage.com/docs/3132r5_x64_15190_logo_win7.zip



After updating the drivers, if you're still having the same issue, then do this:


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