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Christopher (Drashna)


If you're using Windows 10 Anniversary update to access a Windows Server 2012R2 or 2016 machine, and you're experiencing odd issues when creating, renaming or deleting folders.... 



This is a bug with Windows Search, and not actually StableBit DrivePool. 


We've had a few users report this, including myself.   Worse, is that this only affects indexed shares (such as shares created by the Essentials Dashboard), so likely will effect your pooled shares. 



The fix is a brute force fix, and involves disabling the Search Service or removing these folders from the shares. 


This means that if you're using the media streaming feature (built in or via the Media Pack for Essentials), or using the Remote Access Website, this will break the ability to view your files. 



You can do this quickly from a command prompt by running "sc config wsearch start=disabled" on the server.




Relevant KB Article about this issue:




This issue has been officially fixed.  The fix will be pushed as a part of a cumulative update in the near future.  However, you can download it immediately here: 


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