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Edge case bugs?

Nick Nightingale


I am using BETA on Windows 7 x64

I set up a two drive pool with whole drive duplication but not real time.


I moved a large Visual Studio 2012 C#/C++ project onto the pooled drive.

When building the project I get a few strong name signing errors which prevent the build completing.

Moving the same source tree back onto one of the individual drives in the pool no longer gives errors.


Also I moved my SQL 2008 R2 folder from the non-pooled to pooled drive. When fixing the permissions I got repeated warnings that the security descriptors were out of order. Again this doesn't happen on the non-pooled drive.


Any ideas?


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I'll check out these scenarios to see if I could reproduce them.


I think compiling DrivePool on the pool would be interesting :)


The second issue sounds especially odd. We don't do anything special with the NTFS ACLs. They're not processed by DrivePool in any way,  they're simply passed through to / from NTFS on a set and get. But I'll try what you suggest and will see what happens.


One of the test servers here is running VirtualBox + XAMPP 24/7 from the pool (with MySQL), but I'll try to get MSSQL into testing as well.

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I will test that specifically.

I haven't had a chance to do this yet, but I will test strong name signing specifically.

I don't "expect" to find any issues, but you are on the "todo list".

If there is an issue that is reproducible, it will be fixed (this is why we do extensive public BETAs).

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