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SiL3114 SATA Controller Chip

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  • Supports Identify: Yes *
  • Supports SMART: Yes *

* When using the RAID firmware and driver, but only on the first port.

RAID Firmware

StableBit Scanner - Direct I/O

  • Methods: SmartIoCtl
  • Identify: Yes *
  • SDD: Yes
  • SMART Status: Yes *
  • SMART Attributes: Yes *
  • SMART Thresholds: Yes *
  • SMART Error Log: No
  • Power Mode: No

* Data is only valid on the first port of the controller (bug in controller driver). Workaround implemented in StableBit Scanner
StableBit Scanner - WMI

  • SMART Status: No
  • SMART Attributes: No
  • SMART Thresholds: No
  • SMART Error Log: No
  • Power Mode: No


  • Burst: 80.7 MB/s

Tested on Windows 8 x64

BASE Firmware


Unable to Flash. All attempts failed.

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