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Power Management Features - Drive Spindown



Q: Does DrivePool spin up all of the drives, just to access the single file? 


Given: say I am only accessing a single file.  Ignore the "other media in the same folder but could be on another disk" stuff, like folder images it displays in the media center, etc.  Pretend there are none, and we are only talking 1 single file.  Think a shortcut to a 24GB MKV file.



I tried searching the old forums with a little secondary answer, but no direct answer.


I have had my WHS v1 running with 9 disks in it's storage pool for a number of years.  One of the key benefits of why I've waited so long to upgrade it is the ability to spin down all of the drives (though it spins them backup periodically to scan).  Frankly, I am surprised the 5+ year old HDDs have lasted this long!  I credit the idle spin down, especially when on vacation or busy for weeks at a time.  I am converting an old X58 mobo with an Core i7 950 and 5x PCIe slots to use as my new media server.  It will be a simple direct file-copy to the new one, but with 15 disks.


I rarely access my media.  Maybe a few hours of the day, or when the kid wants to listen to an audiobook or maybe to watch the latest TV recording.  The rest of the time, I want the drives idle/turned off (except for the scheduled scans obviously).


I was torn between DrivePool and Drive Bender.  The main factor I am focusing on is the drive idling/spin down/spin-up.  I have recently read that as of May 2013, Drive Bender has what I consider a serious issue for spin down/spin-up: it spins up all of the drives, one at a time, to access a single file (three separate posts in their forums on that exact issue with a large number of drives).  I currently have 9 drives, and I will be expanding that to 15 drives in the new system.  With a moderate 5 second delay (if that fast) per drive, people have complained about a 3+ minute wait time just to access the storage pool for a single file.  


Drive Bender is completely unacceptable to me, and now I am looking at DrivePool closely.  But before I invest into this setup, I must know how DrivePool handles large disk arrays and drive spin-up/downs.


Thanks in advance!

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If you are directly accessing a file (such as through a media app like XBMC), then it should only spin up the specific disk(s) as DrivePool.  If you're listing disk contents though, this may not be the case.

Also, there are some options in Scanner to help idle the drive (put it into "Standby").

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