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42TB Cloud Storage /with Lifetime Subscription


Dear Chris,


I found this on ebay of all places.  It has a few hurdles to cross and I was surprized when I saw it.  You may want to check it out yourself but I would like to know if it can be intergrated in the Cloudrive feature.  Sorry but most of the PC client is in Chinese but there are a few tutorials to help secure the account for your self.  I guess you must patient and take it one step a time.


From what I have gathered, you buy the service from another person for the sum of $25.00 US.  They issue a website and a username and a password.


I am making a little tutorial also but it is very slow.


They make the following suggestions to follow to ensure the Cloud changes the hands properly.


1.  Logon to their site using the information they give in the email.  This is important.  I shows that the  Cloud is looking legit

2. Follow the PDF to verify your email account on AOL.COM.  You need this just like they gave it to you to ensure your 360 42TB will be validated properly

3.  The validate the 360 42TB GoCloud using the newly verified account

4. Try because it is hard to follow any type of verification,  I suggest you use your phone as part of the 2 step until you get it online.  Calling for Phone service  might prove too hard as this server is in China

5 Once you have everything verfied, I SUGGEST AT LEAST CHANGING THE PASSWORD FIRST.

   Follow the verifications steps carefully for password.

   Wait a few days then try to change the USENAME  for both the email client and the cloud.  I firmly suggest you do the email user name first, the the 360 GoCloud


Until you do that I would Trust No One


42TB Permanent Cloud Drive for Online Storage and Sync



They have several ways to get to the Cloud Drive.  By website - with Userid and Password.  Inerface is a little hard to use but looks like the one used by Onedrive

They have a PC client version that reminded me of Pogoplug

It would be great if we could have a way to create the cloud service as a virtual drive


Hope This raises some chatter. I want to encrypt the file transfer but I want to get it as a drive I can trust first.


I could then use  something like Dropbox to upload in managable chunks to keep the big GoCloud clean and no cluttered.


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