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Welcome to the new Forum


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Welcome everyone to the new Forum!


In an effort to support our growing community, the old Vanilla based forum was retired. It will remain available at its old URL http://forum.covecube.com, but you won't be able to post anything new there.

This new forum can be accessed at http://community.covcecube.com.


Login Credentials


If you've created an account on the old Vanilla forum, you can actually use the same username and password to log into this forum.

In addition, this new forum now supports logging in with your Windows Live ID.




With this new forum, my hope is to give our community a place to talk about technology as it surrounds our products, and not just focus on the products themselves.


To this end, I've set up a few sub-forums:

  • StableBit Scanner - Compatibility
    With all the different hardware out there (disk controllers, hard drives, ect...) it's tough to know what works best, especially when dealing with SMART passthrough.
    I'd like this to be the place to discuss what works and what doesn't.
  • StableBit DrivePool - Hardware
    StableBit DrivePool is a very fast pooling solution that is capable of creating very large pooling arrays.
    Share your setup, brag about your pool size ;), and get hardware advice here.

Nuts & Bolts


Recently I've been overhauling the manuals section over at stablebit.com/support (yes, it's way overdue), and I found it amazing how many intricacies there are to these little programs.

I realized that it might be fun to talk about these things so I've set up a new forum called Nuts & Bolts where I will be posting a topic every now and again about some technical aspect of our software. The topics will be open for discussion, so we can go back and forth about what people think about that particular topic.




Our "Resident Gurus" Shane and saitoh183 will be joining us in the new forum as moderators, and we have Drashna (technical support) and myself as the Admins.

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