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WHS2011 migration of pool to Server using Windows 10



Hi Firstly sorry for another migration post - I was expecting to find a sticky setting out step by step the process and considerations, I am migrating my server from WHS2011 onto Windows 10 Proffesional and have a couple of queries about the process and outcome.


I have looked at other posts and as far as I can see the process is;


  1. de-register the drivepool license
  2. physically disconnect the pool hard drives
  3. install Windows 10 pro
  4. install and register drivepool
  5. reconnect the pool drives
  6. drivepool will find the pool and set it back up again

Are these steps right?


Will the current pool drive letter be preserved ?


Will I have any issues with file ownership given that I am effectivly sticking exsiting data drives into a different PC


Are there any other issues I need to be aware of


Thanks in advance.....


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The reason this isn't sticked, is that yes, it's literally that simple. That's exactly what you do. 


As for NTFS Permissions, just like on a normal disk.  Any built in accounts (system, network, creator, users, administrators, etc) will be retailed. Any system specific entries (user accounts, custom groups, etc), will show up as unknown accounts.  You'd want to reset/reapply the permissions as needed. As for how to fix it? Just like normal. 



Worst case, if you want to set the permissions to a "clean" state on the entire pool (eg, like you'd find on a new disk), then use the "WSS Troubleshooter" and run the "Reset NTFS permissions on the pool" option. 


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