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Please help -- DrivePool is creating a pool folder on the pool drive



I assigned drive letter Z:\ to my DrivePool drive. Yesterday I noticed that files were disappearing from the Z:\ drive. When I searched for them using Everything, I found that DrivePool had created a folder on Z:\ called PoolPart.5c7f2eb1-1b02-4f73-ae4b-beb3508b9723, and it was moving the files there. (I think it's moving the files as it's rebalancing the DrivePool.)

Any suggestions about how to stop this? I don't think I can simply move the files out of the new PoolPart folder back to their original locations without causing havoc.


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StableBit DrivePool shouldn't move files from a non-poolpart folder into a poolpart folder.   So that part sounds odd, and possibly that Windows re-assigned drive letters? 

And yes, the balancing does move the files from one PoolPart folder to another, on a different disk, if/when needed. 

As for stopping the files from being moved, a good question here is "why are they being moved".  Most of the default balancers deal with edge cases, and shouldn't move data by default.  

That said, could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/contact

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