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Support for WSL2 via SMB/cifs share



So i know that Drive pool has no official support for WSL2. I also know that we have in place some kind of hack solution that offers partial support but it is not a listed feature because that would be way too complicated.


I have it currently working with wsl2 via docker volumes. I've tried both linking directly to the pool by drive letter and now i am trying cifs.


The problem I'm running into is that my pc periodically freezes and will not crash or recover, happens about once a day. I cant say for sure it is drive pool, but it does seem to happen right after a drive is accessed. The system has crashed now over both types of docker volumes.


Is the non-support of WSL2 circumventable by having the drivepool hosted on a completely different system and having my WSL2 interface only with drivepool via SMB/cifs? I feel like that abstraction layer should offer some protection but i don't know enough about how these things work under the hood to say for sure. I've been dealing with these freezes for months and I could really use some help in figuring out what the source is if it is even drivepool.


EDIT: Uploaded a screenshot of event viewer. This is the only thing i really have to go off of and it seems to point to either a storage issue or a network issue(NDIS). I always see these errors minutes before a crash, but also when there is no crash for what it's worth.


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Using CIFS/smb/whatever-which-OS-wants-to-call-it should be enough to circumvent most/all of the issues that WSL has with the pool. 

As for docker volumes, I'm genuinely surprised that you've having issues with that.  Personally, I have the WSL VHDX files for docker stored on my pool, and I have a couple of containers using file paths on the pool.  Eg `-v S:/docker-data/(name):/data` (with S:\ being the pool).  No issues, other than my system is running short on CPU power.... :D

Also, IIRC, you can use cifs as a provider for volumes in docker, IIRC. 

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