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Upgraded WHS2011 to 2.x, Dashboard still shows 1.x

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Okay, so my dashboard had gotten so that I could not open it at all. On a whim, I decided to uninstall SBDP version 1.3.7585, but had to do so through Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs because of the borked Dashboard. It uninstalled, and so I uninstalled the Dashboard Fix as well. Not thinking about it, I got the SBDP 2.x installer and ran it. Yay, SBDP is working and so is my Dashboard! But there's a hitch... The Add-Ins tab on Dashboard shows version 1.3.x is installed.


What do I need to do to fix it? Or, should I even worry about it?


It seems to be working fine, so I don't want to have to wipe and reinstall WHS2011. I did that once when the Dashboard wouldn't run, and after reinstalling SBDP 1.X I was back right where I started.


Thanks in advance for your guidance.



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Just remove it from the Add-Ins tab.  There should be no issue with doing so.


The reason for what you're seeing is how the WHS2011 add-ins are installed. The list in the dashboard is separate from the list in the control panel.  And they're maintained separately.

If you uninstall from the dashboard, it should normally remove the entry and the software.  But if you uninstall from the control panel, you need to manually "uninstall" it from the dashboard. 

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