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Question on using CloudDrive with Amazon Cloud Drive


For clarity, I am going to refer Covecube's CloudDrive as CloudDrive. Amazon Cloud Drive will be Amazon Drive.


Hello there, I have a question about CloudDrive. From my understanding CloudDrive breaks up chunks of data and places them in the storage provider. As such, I can't place files in my storage provider and have CloudDrive pick it up. It needs to be added to the provider via CloudDrive's mechanism. This leads me to a question. Can I have a shared drive on my network that belongs to my machine that has CloudDrive installed? That way, I can drag and drop files from any of my computers to this shared drive, then CloudDrive will add to Amazon Drive.

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Sorry for not getting to this sooner. I think you posted this in the contact site, but I'll answer it here (it didn't appear under the "view new content" section on the forums, is odd).




You're correct about how StableBit CloudDrive (you could abbreviate as SBCD, as that's simpler) stores data.  

And yes, because the drive shows up as a normal drive, you can do just about anything with it that you could do with a normal, physical drive. This includes sharing folders on the drive with other systems (via Windows File Sharing, FTP, NFS, or anything else). 

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