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Drive letter collisions

Go to solution Solved by Christopher (Drashna),


Using Drivepool to dupe over a local and two clouddrive mounts.


I inserted a USB drive, and it ended up mounting to the same letter.  This would normally be okay but Drivepool managed to "write" the dupe data to it, and Clouddrive now has it in the upload queue.  Is there a way to cancel this?


I've tried detaching the drive, but as I have data pending it won't let me.  Obviously, for the future, my workaround is to mount the Cloud drives on X: Y: Z:.

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The drive letter being bumped shouldn't have caused this to occur, in the first place.  We use the Volume ID, not the drive letter to determine where the files go (as this doesn't change).


As for CloudDrive. you can set the upload threads to "0", and this will pause the upload (located in "Drive Options -> IO Performance".  You can then delete or move the content back into the pool, delete it, and then it should be okay.  Set the threads back to the previous number, and you should be good to go.

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Well, if that happens again, please do let us know. 

I've not been able to reproduce it, so it maybe a system specific issue.


But double check for a hidden "PoolPart.xxxxx" folder in this case.

I obliterated those hidden folders before creating the new pool.  The Clouddrive didn't have it of course because I destroyed it, but my local drive had three - presumably from prior pools.  I had to alter the security and delete it in the shell.

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