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Using SSD & HDD for Performance & Duplication, Respectively



I'd like to pool 1 SSD and 1 HDD and with pool duplication [a] and have the files written & read from the SSD and then balanced to the HDD with the files remaining on the SSD (for the purpose of [a] and ).


The SDD Optimizer balancing plug-in seems to require the files be removed from the SSD, which seems to prevent [a] and (given only 1 HDD).


Can the above be accomplished using DrivePool? (without 3rd party tools)






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If you only have the two drives, and duplication enabled, then the files should be on both drives. This should speed up read access to it significantly.



However, if you want to use the SSD to get better read speeds, then you could use the file placement rules to limit the placement of files/folders to ensure that they end up on the SSD.


Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot else that could be done. moving files back onto the SSD wouldn't improve the speeds as you're still limited to the HDD's speed (and would actually add additional overhead).

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