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clean disk in diskpart and volume ID



I had 3 drives (WD 3TB, Seagate 4TB & 2TB) in external enclosures and decided to shuck them in order to put them in an external enclosure for a cleaner and leaner pool.

When I shucked them, I realised they didn't work without their controller (WD was encrypted and Seagates appeared as not initialised). I reconnected them to their controllers and I am currently copying the "poolpart" folders to a spare 8TB drive. When copying finishes I will do a clean disk operation from diskpart in order to make the original drives available to the enclosure and liberate them (sic) from their HW controller.

[Edited for clarity]

My question is: after cleaning the disks and copying back the "poolpart" folders, will Drivepool recognise them as if nothing happened? In other words, will the clean command affect volumeID?


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Resolving my own issue.

After copying all poolpart folders to an intermediate drive, cleaning the shucked drives & re-initialising them, I copied back their respective poolpart folders and the pool was automatically recognised. It only needed a recalculation of duplication.

So it appears that the poolpart folders contain all information to recreate the pool, regardless of the disk's volume ID. The reason I started this thread was because I saw in a post by Christopher that Drivepool uses the volume ID to identify the disks and I was worried that after cleaning the disks, I wouldn't be able to get Drivepool to recognise them as being part of the pool. Happy ending I guess!


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Partly answering my own question...

The [2TB Seagate] poolpart folder has been copied to the [temp 8TB] disk.

I cleaned the [2TB Seagate] in diskpart and after re-initialising it, it changed its volume ID, so Drivepool sees it as a new drive.

So now I have the three poolpart folders, one from each drive, copied in the [temp 8TB] disk.

The idea is to copy the poolpart folders to their respective drives after they have been cleaned and then add them back to the pool from which they were removed.

Will it work if I open the pool, remove these 3 drives and re-add them as new drives (because of their new volume ID) with their poolpart folders in place?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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