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Switching from folder to file (pool) duplication



Hi! Pardon me if this has been answered, but I haven't found an answer in the forum so far.

I have duplicated several individual folders in my pool and I would like to switch to pool file duplication (duplicate the entire pool).

If I just flip the switch from folder to file duplication, I assume it will retain the files already duplicated and just duplicate the remaining. Right?

Please don't shoot, I know it sounds silly, it's just that I lost 2 drives suddenly in one day and I'm feeling quite risk averse at the moment ;)))


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Correct.  Duplication is inheritted unless explicity set.  Enabling pool file duplication enables it for the root, and everything else gets inherrited.   And when you change it, it checks to see which files need to be duplicated or unduplicated (the "checking duplication" part that you may have seen).  So, it shouldn't mess with the existing data. 

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