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Pinning is not working on one of my drives



Hi, I have a drive which i setup backup in 2019.  I made a 256TB Drive, but I set the cluster size too low to use it as a single filesystem.  I didn't know what I was doing back then, the drive in disk manager is a Dynamic disk, and it has 2 separate ~128TB partitions on it.  Drives I have created since then have a correct cluster size and are single partition basic disks.

The drive has lots of directories and file son it now, and is very slow to list them / acknowledge they exist when I browse through some of them, especially a directory that has lots of files/ directories in it.  

With Meta pinning turned on, the pinned data never goes over 8.0kb , and when Directory pinning is turned on it still doesn't go over 8.0kb (so I assume its not pinning any data at all for directories, and probably none for Meta, which explains the performance.  

I presume its the way the filesystem is setup that means SBCD cant pin what it needs to, perhaps it doesn't understand what needs to pin as it expects a flat single partition on a basic disk ?


Is there any way to rectify this without migrating the data to a new drive ? This would take Months to do. Probably longer because of this performance problem.  


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Unfortunately, the only way to change the cluster size is to reformat the drive. 

Also, the reason that it's not pinning the metadata is likely due to being dynamic disks.   And the only way to change that is to delete the partitions and recreate them. 

In both cases, it may be simpler to move the data off of the drive, destroy it and recreate it.  


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