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Files missing from pool but are still in PoolPart directory



When I run dpcmd on a file that is missing, I get no errors and it detects it correctly on the drive it is located on

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> dpcmd check-pool-fileparts "D:\Shared\Videos\TV Shows\Andor.S01E01.1080p\Andor.S01E01.1080p.mkv"

dpcmd - StableBit DrivePool command line interface


Detail level: Inconsistent File Duplication

Listing types:

  + Directory
  - File
  -> File part
  * Inconsistent duplication count
  ** Inconsistent duplication attributes
  ! Error

Listing format:

  [{0}/{1} IM] {2}
    {0} - The number of file parts that were found for this file / directory.
    {1} - The expected duplication count for this file / directory.
    I   - This directory is inheriting its duplication count from its parent.
    M   - At least one sub-directory may have a different duplication count.
    {2} - The name and size of this file / directory.


  Directories: (0)
    - [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]
  Directory parts: (0)
    - [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]
  Files: (1) 1.85 GB (1,985,633,052 B)
    - [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]
  File parts: (1) 1.85 GB (1,985,633,052 B)
    - [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]

  File parts by pool part UID:
    - 75c43772-2ac7-45d8-8f30-0890224ddf51:
        x1 - (1) 1.85 GB (1,985,633,052 B) [Streams: (0) 0 B (0 B)]

This happened after removing a disk from drivepool. The disk was removed via the drivepool GUI.

No errors are shown in service logs.

I tried uninstalling drivepool, rebooting, and reinstalling. Files are still missing.

How do I force drivepool to correctly detect these files?

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