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  1. I downloaded and installed the latest beta because of failed duplications with a VM. I've since moved the VM off of drivepool. However drivepool will only load the UI on first boot and then fail to show it afterwards. Task manager shows Drivepool.ui.exe running in the background multiple times if clicked more then once. I'm not sure if this is a known issue. Drivepool is installed on a device running windows 10 1909
  2. As an update I was able to narrow down where the problem occurs. innodb_temp_data_file_path=/temp/ibtmp1:12M:autoextend:max:1G This variable, if selected on a drivepool mount, will generate the errors: 2018-12-05 11:03:42 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: Operating system error number 24 in a file operation. 2018-12-05 11:03:42 0 [Note] InnoDB: Some operating system error numbers are described at https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/operating-system-error-codes/ 2018-12-05 11:03:42 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: File \\.\D:: 'DeviceIoControl(IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY)' returned OS error 224. And cause
  3. I've switched to Linux VMs for MariaDB. However, I still have my old database available to test this again on drivepool. I tested it and it resulted in the exact same errors again. I enabled logging and submitted it just now as described in http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Log_Collection
  4. Scuro

    Can't Update DrivePool

    Nevermind. I figured it out. I like to run everything as services so service starts and stops are handled automatically and gracefully without logins. I had set many services to have drivepool dependency that stored data on the drivepool. MSI installer doesn't know how to handle the depency even though the service is not restarted till reboot? Anyways, removing drivepool dependencies allowed the update to finish installing. Is it possible for the MSI updater to handle drivepool dependencies so that I don't have to remove them every update?
  5. I am trying to update to latest beta version and every time I try to update, I get 0x80070643 error. Already tried restarting. Log wasn't helpful.
  6. Scuro

    New drive not balancing

    I am on which is newer (the latest release on http://dl.covecube.com/DrivePoolWindows/release/download/). I have "File placement rules respect real-time file placement limits set by the balancing plug-ins." and "Unless the drive is being emptied." unchecked.
  7. Scuro

    New drive not balancing

    Still not finishing it's balance. I believe I can tell why. Based on the balance targets, it is trying to balance my SSD that it is not able to add more data because of file placement restrictions. I only allow a few folders on my SSD. The balance plugin seems unaware of this and tries to balance regardless.
  8. Scuro

    New drive not balancing

    Just an update for this thread, I've updated to the latest version ( and still unable to get balance to finish. Drivepool will recognize it's unbalanced but will randomly stop balancing in the middle of it's balance task.
  9. Christopher, I have submitted another troubleshooter report to avoid confusion. I made sure mariadb was back on the pool before submitting. The errors returned again after moving it back to the pool. I moved it back off the pool after the troubleshooter was submitted.
  10. Thanks for your help B00ze. I however believe that is a Linux OS error code. Windows seems to have a limit around 17 million open files.
  11. I submitted the troubleshooter with the requested ticket ID in the thread I linked. Was that data lost or never make it?
  12. Thanks for your time Christopher. I already submitted a troubleshoot report in this thread: I am not sure if it would just be redundant for me to submit another. In that thread I had thought my problems were because of a new power supply I had gotten around the time the errors first started happening. After thinking about it, I remembered I switched the mariadb database to drivepool at roughly the same time I got the new case/power supply. So it should contain all the same data as mariadb was still on the drivepool at the time the troubleshooter was run.
  13. Windows 10 Pro version 1709 with stablebit RC. I have had zero problems and errors after moving the database off the drivepool. I had been hammering my head trying to figure out where all these IO errors were coming from and had thought it was a power supply in another thread (every drive was throwing IO errors in event log). Turns out I was getting those IO errors because every drive was part of the pool. Once I removed mariadb from the pool, it has been running flawlessly. Due to the instability of the OS as well as IO errors in event log, I don't believe incorrect permis
  14. Apache/PHP were also throwing errors at random for parse_ini_file() saying "parse_ini_file failed to open stream" when duplication was enabled. Placing the ini file used for the script outside of the pool on the same drives that were duplicated in the pool solved that problem as well. Edit: The drives that were used in the the drivepool for the database were SSDs that one shares with the OS and the other VMs. Neither have shown problems outside of using drivepool for mariadb or apache/php files with duplication enabled.
  15. Have you tested it with folder duplication? I have tested it outside of the pool now on the two drives I had it duplicated on with the exact same permissions. Both drives have completely solved all instability errors and problems if I use the database outside of the pool. The errors come back immediately if I copy it to the drivepool.
  16. Thanks for your testing Christopher. I have more information that you could maybe test. It's 100% replicable for me and is not permissions. The folder has the exact same permissions while on the drivepool, that it has off of it. It is not run as system, but as a service account, and I gave that service account the correct permissions to the directory. Same permissions on multiple test directories on different drives do not result in the errors if the directory is not in the pool. Mariadb was also a duplicated directory when it was on the pool. Be warned that this has caused
  17. Done. I have submitted the service logs as requested. I also verified that Mariadb generated the same errors as before when I moved it back to drivepool. It otherwise runs without issue when the database is not used on drivepool.
  18. Yes I am on latest RC. Would it be okay to turn mariadb service off, enable logging, turn mariadb back on with error reported, stop mariadb, and then send you the logs? It's used for a small website that I just had it throw errors saying it hit it's max connections which it has never done before. I am trying to avoid more downtime. EDIT: Database logs show same errors reported many times before the max connection outage: 2018-03-01 11:15:49 9192 [ERROR] InnoDB: Operating system error number 24 in a file operation. 2018-03-01 11:15:49 9192 [Note] InnoDB: Some operating system e
  19. Does anyone have experience with a SQL database on drivepool? When checking logs after moving my database to the drivepool I noticed some errors: 2018-03-01 10:32:23 7100 [Note] InnoDB: innodb_page_size=32768 2018-03-01 10:32:23 7100 [Note] InnoDB: Mutexes and rw_locks use Windows interlocked functions 2018-03-01 10:32:23 7100 [Note] InnoDB: Uses event mutexes 2018-03-01 10:32:23 7100 [Note] InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.3 2018-03-01 10:32:23 7100 [Note] InnoDB: Number of pools: 1 2018-03-01 10:32:23 7100 [Note] InnoDB: Using SSE2 crc32 instructions 2018-03-01 10:32:23 7100 [Note]
  20. Scuro

    New drive not balancing

    Just as an update, I believe I found the root cause of the hard lockups. IO errors in event log showed IO hardware failures on almost every drive. I replaced two that had the most errors thinking that they were failing. The IO errors and lockups continued. After doing further searching in event logs, I found that the IO errors all started an hour after I had replaced the PSU on the server. This leads me to what I would now believe a faulty PSU, not drivepool (which I had updated around the same time). I will be returning the PSU and getting a different model to verify. On another not
  21. Scuro

    New drive not balancing

    I appreciate the help. I have sent the troubleshoot report in. Do you have any VMs or SQL databases on drivepool? The hardlocks appeared to happen after any intense IO operations from either or of these services. It may be better for me to remove these services form the pool regardless. Still having issues with the drives not balancing correctly.
  22. Scuro

    New drive not balancing

    I will run that for you and submit the troubleshooter for you shortly, but I have been having serious issues since upgrading to the RC builds. Any program that puts IO stress on the pool is hard locking windows 10 after throwing disk errors into event history ("The IO operation at logical block address 0x1 for Disk 2 (PDO name: \Device\00000039) was retried."). Disk 2 is drivepool. I had first thought a drive may be dying but after replacing two drives that sometimes showed errors in event viewer during these lockups but a lockup happened again this morning. I have (had as I now move
  23. Got a new drive and noticed that no matter how many times I tell it to balance, it won't balance fully. https://imgur.com/a/t4Dgi Service log shows no errors but it does say "0:10:38.3: Information: 0 : [Rebalance] Cannot balance. Immediate re-balance throttled." Regardless, if I try a manual rebalance it only runs for a few minutes and then shows the same balance as shown in picture. I am running the latest release client.
  24. Thanks. It looks like after updating it fixed the problem.
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