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Error trying to update from version resolved



Hi, i just wanted to say been using clouddrive for a few years now and its been great.

I've wanted to ask this for a while now, im seeing a update message pop up every so often to upgrade to version im on

Now ive tried to run the update but i keep getting error saying please go to the website to get the exe to update.

i wanted  to check why its not automatically updating and is it worth the updating? Will i see a better result or should i just keep it as is on my current version?. i use it with GDrive and Plex mainly.

Dont want to mess around with the update if its not going to be alot better than my current version. Also if i did update manually would that cause any issues with my current settings?


Thank you :)

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12 hours ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

It's a good idea to update, yeah.  As for why it's not updating, if it's an old enough version, there was a switch between http and https that may be causing issues.  The newer versions shouldn't run into the issue. 

Thank you, I updated manually and all ok. 

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