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SSD Optimizer Question



Hello - first off I just wanted to say that CloudDrive and DrivePool have been really fantastic for my needs.

What I'm trying to do: Essentially - I created a file share cloud drive that lives on my NAS, and added that as another drive to DrivePool, where I set it as an SSD in the optimizer plugin. I've seen several threads about which options/plugins/etc to utilize to get SSD caching to work and have tried various things but wanted some input on the best way to handle this in my scenario. 

The NAS cloud drive currently set as the SSD is at about 70TB. My ideal state is to fill this to 90%, and always keep it at that capacity, moving off the oldest files to archive disks to make room for newer ones. I've already tested it and my local media with this setup loads much much faster when pulled from the NAS even going through the cloud drive software. If I don't make some changes, the SSD tries to empty itself to the archive disks at the next balancing opportunity.

The issue: I'm not sure exactly what settings I need to make this work consistently. If I use ordered file placement to ensure the drive gets filled up to the max, will it still function as the SSD cache when it's filled up, or will DrivePool just move on to the next disk? I'd still like to maintain an even split across the other drives in the pool as well, and I'm not sure if using the ordered file placement plugin is the way to go. I have a feeling that setting automatic balancing with a really high GB threshold isn't the way to go either. 

I'd like to use DrivePool's SSD cache that is always near-capacity and move only the oldest files to the archive disks when it needs space for new ones. What's the simplest way to achieve this?

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Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to do this.  The "SSD Optimizer" balancer plugin won't accomplish this, since it moves the files off the "ssd" drive, as soon as possible.  And the other balancers don't check the file access/modify dates, either. 

This would have to be done in some sort of manual way. (such as with file placement rules, and moving stuff around frequently).

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Thank you for the response! Would be interesting to be able to do it this way, but I can understand how it might be complicated. 

Can I ask, in this case - if I use Ordered File Placement in conjunction with Prevent Drive Overfill - that I set to empty a drive to 75% once it reaches 95% full, for example. How does it decide which files to move to clear out that 20%? Sounds like none of the balancers check file access/modify dates so I'm wondering how it works.

Thanks again!

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