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File Placement Rules Guidance




Drive Pool Version


Recently, as I’m sure many of us do, I was pondering on ways to tweak my server just to get a little more out of it. It dawned on me, I have a large Pool with lots of media and all the files that go with them (.jpg, .png, .srt, etc)


I wanted to take all those files and place them on a SSD, so that when the library is pulled up on Emby, Plex or what have you, it doesn’t need to spin up a bunch of mechanical disks just to read the above mentioned files. 1 Movie would equal 2 discs firing up essentially.


With that, I installed a 512GB SSD I had spare and hopped over to the Rules in drive pool. I did setup each file type I wanted to exclusively be placed on the SSD, leaving all the actual media files on the spinning rust. I also setup the “drive usage limiter” to only placed Duplicated files on the SSD (not sure if that step was needed)

With the help of WinDirStat, I can confirm the rules are working and the files are placed there. Now here is where I run into trouble and need your input. When I go back to the File Placement rules, I see this message:


“124GB could not be moved because a suitable destination could not be found. Make sure that you have enough disk space in order to satisfy your file placement rules and that they’re not conflicting with other balancing settings. “


I’m stumped as my pool has 12 free terabytes or so still. My only guess is I need to have two SSDs installed for this to work? Looking forward to any help so I understand what it is I’m not setting up right.

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I have never really figured out the File Placement system. So, I'm just signing on here to see if anyone has a good response.

I understand how DrivePool might split up a movie folder on 2 or more drives, depending on how many files were in that folder. I see that when I upload an album folder and the tracks of the album might be on any number of drives in the pool. 

If your goal is to have all the files in the movie folder on one drive, then I think there is an option in DrivePool to completely fill up one drive before it starts writing to the next drive. Also, I think you can designate your DrivePool "Movie" folder to only be on certain drive(s) in File Placement. One of those options might get you closer to your goal.


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