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Balancing does nothing after a drive replacement



Hey, so I replaced a HDD and I have a landing SSD that gets filled and DrivePool did a great job of pushing files on that drive onto archive spinning rust with each balancing. But ever since the replacing of one of the HDDs, balancing takes a long time but there's zero file movement (as per Scanner, drive activity is 0).

I've seen several old post about the same issue. There's literally zero warnings or errors in the logs (only "[Rebalance] Cannot balance. Immediate re-balance throttled." "[Rebalance] Not enabling background I/O priority" Information), it's just does nothing for some reason. In fact it moved some files from archives to the SSD that goes against every rule but then it stopped?! I did an update, reinstall, several remeasuring and rebalancing and even after 1-2 hours no files were moved at all!

I really don't want to reset the settings as I have several dozens of extension-related rules (tiny files like pics are stored on a different SSD for overall faster access, and big fileson 10x archive drives and we're talking about 2M files).

Before balancing it says that the "unduplicated target for rebalancing is -474GB" on the landing SSD and the archive drives each say positive ~40-48GB as it always did, yet balancing doesn't actually empty the landing SSD drive, it just does nothing for an hour or so. Nothing runs that keeps these files open.

I'm really lost and annoyed here as I have to manually move files so that they're protected by SnapRAID.

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Update: Every time I started a rebalance, it started moving stuff onto the landing drive as I said above. Even with clear extension rules going against that. But, After emptying the drive by manually moving everything to archive drives then re-measuring and then re-checking (which somehow goes twice from 0-100%), rebalancing (which took a long time and did nothing) now it works as intended, but seems much slower but I can get behind that.

Rebalancing also takes like 15-20 minutes until it hits around ~50%, and until then disk IO is literally 0% and only after that point it actually start moving files. Either way, now it's working and respecting the rules.

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