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Found 5 results

  1. At first, I thought it was some strange windows permissions error with Linux and samba, but now I'm not so convinced. I am able to read all the files but I could not change anything on the drive, or change owners. Every time I did it claimed permission denied. Since I could still back up my files I had planned to break the pool and format the drives and see if that would fix the permissions. During that process, I decided to give some of the other drives letters so I could directly see the data in the pooled drives. I was able to modify and make changes to the files leading me to
  2. https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/5/15739192/microsoft-windows-10-pro-for-workstations-advanced-pcs-features In a leaked slide, Microsoft describes the edition as “Windows 10 Pro for Workstation†with four main capabilities: Workstation mode: Microsoft plans to optimize the OS by identifying “typical compute and graphics intensive workloads†to provide peak performance and reliability when Workstation mode is enabled. Resilient file system: Microsoft’s file system successor to NTFS, dubbed ReFS, is enabled in this new version, with support for fault-tolerance, optimized for large
  3. Hello, Can I mix NTFS and ReFS drives in my pool ? I am using Drivepool version 2.2 beta.
  4. I've read Drashna's post here: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2596-drivepool-and-refs/&do=findComment&comment=17810 However I have a few questions about ReFS support, and DrivePool behavior in general: 1) If Integrity Streams are enabled on a DrivePooled ReFS partition and corruption occurs, doesn't the kernel emit an error when checksums don't match? 2) As I understand it, DrivePool automatically chooses the least busy disk to support read striping. Suppose an error occurs reading a file. Regardless of the underlying filesystem, would DrivePool automatically s
  5. With alternate streams now available on ReFS in Windows 2012 R2 and 8.1 will Drivepool support ReFS volumes in the future? NTFS has been a solid platform for many years, but MS has, with the introduction of ReFS in 2012 provided a real alternative with many new benefits, so I think a lot of us are considering a move to ReFS in the foreseable future especially for the frequent write-once-read-seldom scenarios that most of us have with media libraries and file servers. This is actually not so very different from the ZFS/BTRFS vs. EXT3/EXT4 discussions the linux community has. I am wonder
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