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Found 7 results

  1. i have fiber and i wanna get more storage via google drive and my main issue is the uploud speed is there a way for me to push the upload/download threads past 20 ?
  2. I'm trying out CloudDrive with Google Drive, and have created a small drive for testing. If I go this route, I'll have a lot of stuff there, including some things I'd like to have served by Plex. I'd like to test the performance when the content has to be pulled from the cloud. I haven't put enough into the cloud drive to over flow the cache yet. Will it just sit in the cache forever, or do things ever stale out? Or failing that, can I flush the cache, so I can force CloudDrive to have to pull from GDrive to fulfill a request? Thanks!
  3. Is this where I should be submitting feature requests? I ask because I have just gone through the forums about the Google Drive API limits/throttling having bumped up against the infamous userRateLimitExceeded issues - presumably after hitting their 750GB per day limit. What I noticed was that once this rate limit is hit there isn't really anything for the application "to do" except for cache writes until Google lifts the ban/quota resets/etc. but I noticed that the write attempts just keeps hammering google which takes bandwidth unnecessarily. I was curious about the potential to j
  4. Reading through these steps I originally missed the tidbit at the end: So, to be clear, does this mean I am unable to switch an existing drive to use my newly setup API keys. I went through this process 3 or 4 days ago and I just signed back into the Google Cloud Console and looking at the API monitoring sections it shows no usage, which is what triggered me to go reread the document. I am looking to confirm if the changes made in the ProviderSettings.json will not kick in until I make a NEW DRIVE connection and what that means for a drive that was mounted/connected BEFORE going
  5. I am testing Stablebit to upload to my GSuite Account. I setup a 10 TB Encrypted Drive and are currently uploading Large Files to it. It has been uploading for a day or so and the speeds seem to be steady from the 1 GB expandable cache of 40 to 45 mbps, about 18-19 GB per house I have 1 GB download, 1 GB Upload Fiber line. Is this the normal upload to google or should I be getting more. Attached a pic If more, anyone have any hints on increasing this. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I've noticed frequent drive unmounts recently. The log looks like this - the drive still works, but very poorly, then eventually it just drops the drive entirely. It seems like some google side rate limiting, but I'm interested if anyone else is seeing this, or has any ideas of a way to work around it? Cheers 18:03:34.6: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:215] Server is temporarily unavailable due to either high load or maintenance. HTTP protocol exception (Code=ServiceUnavailable). 18:03:34.6: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:166] Server is temporarily unavailable due to either h
  7. Hi there, I have been using StableBit CloudDrive for around a month on a dedicated server. The upload speed is always between 0 and 200 Mbit/s per drive with an average of 150 Mbit/s. Since build BETA the download speed maxes out on 10 Mbit/s which results in stuttering videos with PLEX and extremely slow copying. The number of threads doesn't seem to matter, I tried 2, but I also tried 5, 10 and 20. I also tried another Google account, but that also doesn't help. I tried both a drive block size of 10 and 20MB, but it really seems to be a bug with the software, becaus
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