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Found 5 results

  1. I've been seeing quite a few requests about knowing which files are on which drives in case of needing a recovery for unduplicated files. I know the dpcmd.exe has some functionality for listing all files and their locations, but I wanted something that I could "tweak" a little better to my needs, so I created a PowerShell script to get me exactly what I need. I decided on PowerShell, as it allows me to do just about ANYTHING I can imagine, given enough logic. Feel free to use this, or let me know if it would be more helpful "tweaked" a different way... Prerequisites:
  2. Burken

    Duplicating queue?

    Story Short... I had 15TB of data to re-duplicate after multiple failures... Now im at 8TB left and need a "dedupliation tool" or just a list of some sort. I found this thread: Links to this: https://stablebit.com/Admin/IssueAnalysis/18743 Is it done yet? I want to prioritize my recovery process. Or at least se what files i will lose if i lose one more drive....
  3. Hello guys, So, I came home from work today and found out that there was power in my area. I turned on my devices and my PC booted without any problem. After launching Clouddrive I got a message: "This drive is performing recovery" and "Recovering..." on bar, at the bottom. So... I had a local cache of about 50 GB and on RAID5 partition and clouddrive's reading data at 240 MB/s constantly. So far it read 3,54 TB and counting... can't see the end of it, it's still recovering and it got me nowhere close to mounting my drive. What can I do except waiting? It already took hours... Can't
  4. I recently had Scanner flag a disk as containing "unreadable" sectors. I went into the UI and ran the file scan utility to identify which files, if any, had been damaged by the 48 bad sectors Scanner had identified. Turns out all 48 sectors were part of the same (1) ~1.5GB video file, which had become corrupted. As Scanner spent the following hours scrubbing all over the platters of this fairly new WD RED spinner in an attempt to recover the data, it dawned on me that my injured file was part of a redundant pool, courtesy of DrivePool. Meaning, a perfectly good copy of the file was sitt
  5. I've read Drashna's post here: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2596-drivepool-and-refs/&do=findComment&comment=17810 However I have a few questions about ReFS support, and DrivePool behavior in general: 1) If Integrity Streams are enabled on a DrivePooled ReFS partition and corruption occurs, doesn't the kernel emit an error when checksums don't match? 2) As I understand it, DrivePool automatically chooses the least busy disk to support read striping. Suppose an error occurs reading a file. Regardless of the underlying filesystem, would DrivePool automatically s
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