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Found 2 results

  1. Simple question, I presume. I want to extend my current 8TB HDD (E: ) Plex Drive with a new/empty 12TB HDD (F:). Pooling these 2 drives creates a single virtual ~20TB drive (G:) that I can point to from Plex, correct? No need for duplication just yet. I tried the above, the pool appears as a ~20TB as virtual drive G:, but I do not see any files on G: via Win10's file manager. I can read/write to G:. Do I need to physically move the content from E: onto G:? I guess I expected to see the current contents of E: on the virtual drive G:. Am I missing a basic concept here? Thanks in advance, Mark
  2. Hi - I've read the FAQ and various other posts about using Flexraid with Drivepool. However, everything I've seen seems to be using Flexraid-F with snapshot raid. I've installed the trial version of this, but because of activity in my pool, it requires a few hours of updates every day. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to use the transparent RAID Flexraid product. I'm not terribly concerned about write performance. However there don't seem to be any posts about the combination of tRAID, drivepool and scanner. Has anyone put this in place and if so, are there any issues? Or is there some reason why tRAID won't work with Drivepool. Thanks! Michael
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