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  1. RF, Thanks for taking time to reply. You have described my actions precisely. I guess I was hung up rationalizing the need to copy content from E: onto G:, thinking the content was really "already there". Today I played with a pair of old 2TB HDDs and noted the same result, then copied external content onto the virtual drive and saw the effect on the Pool, as well as within the individual PoolPart.xxx folder(s) on E: and F:. Your reply has confirmed the need to actually MOVE the content over. Thank you. Next up, Duplication.
  2. Simple question, I presume. I want to extend my current 8TB HDD (E: ) Plex Drive with a new/empty 12TB HDD (F:). Pooling these 2 drives creates a single virtual ~20TB drive (G:) that I can point to from Plex, correct? No need for duplication just yet. I tried the above, the pool appears as a ~20TB as virtual drive G:, but I do not see any files on G: via Win10's file manager. I can read/write to G:. Do I need to physically move the content from E: onto G:? I guess I expected to see the current contents of E: on the virtual drive G:. Am I missing a basic concept here? Than
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