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Found 2 results

  1. So I've recently switched from a desktop setup with 3x 8TB HDDs storage and 1x 128GB SSD cache, to a laptop + eGPU setup with the same four drives in an external enclosure connected to the eGPU. Laptop is connected to eGPU through a single Thunderbolt 3 cable for charging and data, and the enclosure is connected to the USB-C port on the graphics card. Every time I shut down and turn on my laptop, or if I disconnect the TB3 cable and plug it back in (so basically every day after coming home from work), Drivepool starts measuring my entire 22TB pool from scratch, so I just have to wait until it's done (and it takes minutes). I understand that this is a safer approach because Drivepool doesn't know if the contents of the pool have changed from the last time it was "in touch", but in my case nothing else ever interacts with the drives; they're permanently plugged into the eGPU, which only connects to this laptop. Is there an option to disable this measuring every time I connect the TB3 cable? If not I may have to find another backup / pooling solution. Which sucks because I love Drivepool and the way I have it set up to distribute my essential files over three drives.
  2. There is a couple of issues and questions about measuring. Why it is not optimized / cached / smarter? Case 1: If there is a pool of 2 or more drives and one is disconnected for whatever reason - once the drive is back entire pool is measured. If that is large, cloud based pool with a lot of small files - a short interruption in connectivity triggers hours of measuring. Would that be possible to cache results of previous measure run and measure only the drive that was reconnected? Case 2: Four cloud based drives CLD1, CLD2, CLD3 and CLD4 are coupled in two pools: CLD1+2 and CLD3+4. Those two are paired again as a pool CLD1+2&CLD3+4. And this pool is coupled with physical drive in the highest level pool: HDD1&CLD1+2&3+4. Apart from CLD1+2 and CLD3+4 - every other pool is set to duplicate all files. Now - when measure is running it is starting from the highest level, then is measuring middle tier and two on the lowest level. So files on the cloud based drives are actually measured three times. Would that be possible to start from the lowest level, then cache and re-use data it on higher levels? Why it is so sensitive? Case 3: Let's say there is more than one pool running measure. As far as I can see this is slightly misleading - as only one pool can be measure at a time - other pools are actually awaiting. If for whatever reason one drive in the pool that is NOT currently effectively being measured disconnected and reconnected - measure on the other drive is restarted. Why..? And is it possible by change in configuration to allow more than one measure thread to run? Would that be possible to set specific measure order for pools? Case 4 (feat. CloudDrive): As mentioned above - short interruption in internet connectivity can disconnect all cloud drives, enforce manual intervention (re-connect) and massive re-measure. Would that be possible to make CloudDrive drives a bit more offline-friendly and disconnection resistant ? In cases when there is no pool activity from users? And can we receive some feature that will automatically re-connect cloud drives, please? Thanks EDIT: typos, wording
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