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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I just purchased all three products for my Windows-based NVR (cameras). Looks great! I have been using 2x 4 TB hard drives (data originally resided here). Recently I purchased a 12 TB hard drive. I added all three drives to a drive pool. I then used robocopy to copy the data from the 4 TB drives into the drive pool. The files are now copied, so I'd now like to to erase the 2x 4 TB hard drives so they can be fully utilized in the drive pool. Should I just delete the folders and remove the drive letters? If I format the drive, will it erase any hidden areas of the drive that DrivePool depends on? Does DrivePool use areas of the drive that we can't "see" without DrivePool? I don't see separate partitions so I'm assuming this is the case. I just didn't want to erase something if it would mess up DrivePool. Thank you! Loving the software!
  2. Hello, So there was a power outage today, the UPS shutdown the VM host which the has a 2012 R2 VM that runs Drive Pool, The Drive pool is made up of one local drive and 2 iscsi shares to seperate Netgear NAS systems All on the UPS However once the power came back on and everything booted i was greeted with the attached picture showing the 900GB drive completely empty. in drive pool it was showing the drive as normal but now 200mb/900GB used. The other drive im still waiting to come back up from disk scanning, Running Recuva i can see the files are infact still on the iscisi and have not been overwritten but in windows and drivepool the files have just vanished... what is going on here? is there anyway i can restore the drive in the pool properly, It is almost like it has just dumped the data and readded a fresh drive to the pool Please help
  3. Environment: Windows 8, 64 Bit - StableBit Drivepool 2.00.355. Four drives pooled into one pool. Shared over my G-bit network. Currently testing the latest release 2.00.355 I have following issue with data throughput. Copying large files (e.g. over 40GB) over my G-BIT network I have a no constant data throughput by writing the file on the pooled and shared device. Throughput falls and raises again in betreen of 70 to 115MB/sec. By watching the new perf. monitor I see the measurement of the file written into my pool for 2 to 3 seconds (with 115 MB/sec). After that time Drivepool shows no activities (but my file is still copying to the shared drive). Then again perf. monitor shows the file activity of the pool. After 2-3 seconds again shows no activities. This symptom continous until the copy process ends. First I thought that the buffer cache of Windows could be the root cause, but trying to copy with windows explorer shows the same symptom that the data throughput raises and falls in a cycled manner. To test other unknown issues I have tried the following: a) activated and deactivated the given performance options in DriveBender GUI (network boost, real time ....) without any change in performance. 1) Tested with an other pooling software "Drive Bender". Migrated my 4 drives to a pooled and shared volume in my network. Copying the same file delivered a constant throughput of around 110 MB/sec. 2) Tested with an other pooling software "FlexRaid". The same as with Drive Bender, a constant throughput of around 112 to 114 MB/sec. Therefore I have to assume that only in combination with DrivePool I have this symptom with and steady performance drop and raise by copying large files on the generated pooled drive by using drivepool. Any Idea how to figure out the root cause with my performance issue in combination with DrivePool? Are there any other users who had the same issue and found a workaround / fix for this issue? thank you Rainer (greeting from vienna, austria)
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