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  1. Thank you again for your help. The performance issue did not occur again, and I was unable to reproduce it.
  2. Hello Christopher Thank you for your fast response. Temporarly I have used Flexraid temporarly to come over the performance issue. Yesterday you have announced the latest revision ( and I gave it a second try. For your information only (maybe also interesting for other users): After re-installing DrivePool I had the issue that all my four discs have not been listed under "non pooled drives". (but the pool has been deleted already). A user of this forum had the same issue (please refer to the topic called "Some drives not recognized by DrivePool") with your solution to sto
  3. Environment: Windows 8, 64 Bit - StableBit Drivepool 2.00.355. Four drives pooled into one pool. Shared over my G-bit network. Currently testing the latest release 2.00.355 I have following issue with data throughput. Copying large files (e.g. over 40GB) over my G-BIT network I have a no constant data throughput by writing the file on the pooled and shared device. Throughput falls and raises again in betreen of 70 to 115MB/sec. By watching the new perf. monitor I see the measurement of the file written into my pool for 2 to 3 seconds (with 115 MB/sec). After that time Drivepool shows no
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