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Found 2 results

  1. I have two machines, both running clouddrive and drivepool. They're both configured in a similar way. One CloudDrive is split into multiple partitions formatted in NTFS, those partitions are joined by DrivePool, and the resulting pool is nested in yet another pool. Only this final pool is mounted via drive letter. One machine is running Windows Server 2012, the other is running Windows 10 (latest). I save a large video file (30GB+) onto the drive in the windows server machine. That drive is shared over the network and opened on the windows 10 machine. I then initiate a transfer on the Windows 10 machine of that video file from the network shared drive on the windows server machine to the drive mounted on the windows 10 machine. The transfer runs slower than expected for a while. Eventually, I get connection errors in clouddrive on the windows server machine, and soon after that the entire clouddrive becomes unallocated. This has happened twice now. I have a gigabit fiber connection, as well as gigabit networking throughout my LAN. I'm also using my own API keys for google drive (though I wasn't the first time around so it's happened both ways). Upload verification was on the first time, off the second time. Everything else about the drive configuration was the same. Edit: to be clear, this only affects the drive I'm trying to copy from, not the drive on the windows 10 machine I'm writing to (thank god because that's about 40TB of data).
  2. Question: What should I do with a second partition of a 3tb drive that is in my pool? First off, here is my pool 3 drives, 2, 2tb drives, and one 3tb drives. I’m just not sure of the best way to use a 3tb drive in the pool, where I rely on duplication as a form of saving data if a drive were to fail. I hope this makes sense…. Here is my concern. DrivePool duplicates my duplicated data among the same 3tb drive within the 2 partitions not knowing it is the same drive, now if that drive fails I will lose the first and second copy of data. Thanks in advance.
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