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Found 3 results

  1. Getting the attached error on a File Share (windows network drive) that is connected over a ZeroTier VPN. Network share credentials seem to be working just fine, as data was initially writing just fine. The location is also mounted as a normal windows network drive and file access is flawless (standard windows folders outside of CloudDrive). Cache drive is a local HDD and the local cache size is set to 2TB and the size of the CloudDrive is also 2TB. There are multiple TBs free on the "cloud" side. I've tried turning I/O throttling on/off and it doesn't seem to matter, still getting the error. Has anyone seen this before? Couldn't find the error phrase in a search of the forum. Error: A positive number is required. Parameter name: capacity
  2. Hello. I ihink that I might have encountered a bug in DrivePool behavior when using torrent. Here shown on 5x1TB pool. When on disk (that is a part of Pool) is created a new file that reserve X amount of space in MFT but does not preallocate it, DrivePool adds that X amount of space to total space avaliable on this disk. DrivePool is reporting correct HDD capacity (931GB) but wrong volume (larger than possible on particular HDD). To be clear, that file is not created "outside" of pool and then moved onto it, it is created on virtual disk (in my case E:\Torrent\... ) on that HDD where DrivePool decide to put it. Reported capacity goes back to normal after deleting that file:
  3. XDGFX

    Drive size

    I know this is a very minor thing, however for pools that I am basically using as RAID 1, where the data is cloned between the two drives, is it possible to have the drive size and storage usage reflect this? i.e. for a 2x 3TB pool, it currently shows in Windows as "3.16TB free of 5.45TB", however it would make more sense if these values were halved as this is the usable space. Sorry if the wording isn't great Thanks!
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