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Found 3 results

  1. I have configured a second pool for doing daily server backups. When I try to configure the Server Backup, the second pool is not listed on the available disks to back up to. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hi, I am running DP 2.x with WHS 2011. I have 2 Pools of 2x2TB HDDs, duplication is set to x2 for everything. I backup everything using WHS 2011 Server Backup. One Pool (392 GB net) contains all the shares except for the Client Backups. The other (1.16 TB net) contains only the Client Backups. Of each Pool, I backup one underlying HDD. Given that the Client Backup database changes, the Server Backup .vhd fills up tracking changes and reaches its limit of 2TB. At that time, all Server Backups are deleted and WHS Server Backup starts over again with a full backup. This is fine in principle but it does mean that the history I actually keep is not as long as I would like. Also, should a HDD fail then there is no HDD to which it can migrate the data. So I would like to create one Pool of 4 x 2TB, x2 duplication. That way, each HDD would contain about 750GB so that the history I keep is longer. The problem is though that files may be placed on the two HDDs that I do not backup. So I am wondering whether it is possible to tell DP to, in a way, group the HDDs in a 2x2 fashion, e.g., keep one duplicate on either E: of F: and the other on either G: or H:? Or, put otherwise, keep an original on E: or F: and the copy on G: or H: (I realise the concept of orginal/copy is not how DP works but as an example/explanation of what I want it to do), to the extent possible. It would not be possible if, for instance: - E: or F: failed, I would still have duplicates after migration but some will be on G: and H: - G: or H: failed, I would still have duplicates but some would be on both E: and F: I do realise that once either E: or F: fails, my Server Backup will be incomplete. However, that is true for my current setup as well. The intention would be to replace E: of F: and then ensure that the duplication/placement scheme is correct again (and I would hope this works automatically if the new HDD as the appropriate drive letter and gets added to the Pool). I have looked at the File Placement tab but I don't see how I should set up rules to accomplish what I want. Kind rgds, Umf
  3. I have DrivePool installed on my WHS2011 box and it is running great. I have three 4TB hard disks in the pool. I understand that WHS2011 limits the server backup function from reading from partitions bigger than 2TB. My question is simply this: If I were to format each of my three disks into two equal (2TB) partitions, then create the pool from those partitions... would that be wise? My reasoning for doing this is that I could then use the Server Backup to backup the "poolparts" that I want to further protect to an external drive. My gut reaction is that this would not be the best solution. Would there be a risk that "duplicated" folders could end up on the same physical drive, but on separate partitions? Is there a performance hit for doing this... especially when it comes to balancing across partitions as well as the striping feature? The software may be smart enough to not have these issues but I don't know for sure. If anyone could help enlighten me on the topic I'd sure appreciate it. Also my apologies if this issue has already been addressed. I did search for it and came up empty. -Andy
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