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  1. Hey thanks for the advice guys. That link helped clear up some of my misconceptions. I also own a copy of True Image Premium 2014 that I was going to put on my PC, but I might just try it out on the server... for some reason I assumed it wouldn't work on server software (companies like to demand a premium for that sometimes). Thanks again!
  2. I have DrivePool installed on my WHS2011 box and it is running great. I have three 4TB hard disks in the pool. I understand that WHS2011 limits the server backup function from reading from partitions bigger than 2TB. My question is simply this: If I were to format each of my three disks into two equal (2TB) partitions, then create the pool from those partitions... would that be wise? My reasoning for doing this is that I could then use the Server Backup to backup the "poolparts" that I want to further protect to an external drive. My gut reaction is that this would not be the
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