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  1. I have it setup to move the data immediately from the SSD Cache. My next plan is to get a NVMe drive and PCI-E adapter for the server and see if I can maintain the 10G speed. My wife thinks I am crazy always taking apart machines and upgrading and experimenting with configs.
  2. So I originally was going to go with PrimoCache to try and speed up my transfers on my network to the server. My thought was that everything would go there and then it would just dump it to the appropriate drive. I never thought about a pooling solution...maybe I am old school and like to individually manage the drives, who knows. Then I saw the price tag for server and decided against it (never even installed the trial) and started looking for SSD caching options (and even thought about scrapping the 10g all together and just be more patient when moving stuff around the network). That is when I came across Drivepool and went down that road and then transfer started good and then went slower than gigabit. Then Aquantia support recommended a RAMDisk to test the throughput and that is when I went on a quest to find a RAMdrive (and I did try multiple). And yes, a RamCache from Stablebit that could be used in place of the SSD optimizer would be nice (another hint thrown in that direction). Furthermore, an option to step the transfer...fill the ram cache to capacity and then go to SSD Optimizer if it is larger than ram cache and then balance to spindle in the background.
  3. And I am not duplicating, I am using Snapraid (parity) as my data is pretty static in my drivepool.
  4. Yes, removed the SSD all together. I did have to add some memory to my machine so I have 24gb dedicated to the SSD Optimizer (Xeon E3 v3 server board only supports 32gb total). If I have a file larger than that, then I just have send it to another shared location not in the pool and manually move it but 99% of the time the files are smaller. I consistently transfer 750-850MB/s from my Windows workstation direct connected to 2016 server.
  5. I just ran into this with a pair of Aquantia 10g nics that I purchased. It seems to be a different amount that I could copy depending on the SSD that I used. Their support confirmed that after the SSD write cache was filled, it would drop to below gigabit speeds. I setup a RAM drive and passed it through as an SSD to the SSD Optimizer and speeds consistently stay where they should be and dont drop off like I was experiencing. https://www.softperfect.com/products/ramdisk/ is the product I used and had to make sure I selected the option for Hard Disk Emulation
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