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    bob19 reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Is this forum (or maybe the company) dead?   
    Nope, definitely not dead! 
    But if it's urgent, or basically, it's the best way, direct any support queries to https://stablebit.com/Contact
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    bob19 reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Does scanner remember scan status between reboots?   
    Well, normally, I'd agree with you.  But StableBit Scanner isn't tracking the scan as one whole thing.   It actually uses a sector map of the drive. So it tracks sections of the drive, independently.   Each section is checked based on that status, and it over time, spreads out when the scanning happens. And should actually make it more intelligently scan (by ideally scanning at times and days when the drives are less likely to be active). 
    You can check out this by double clicking on the disk, and looking at the sector map.  It will show different colors for different regions.
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    bob19 reacted to fattipants2016 in Integrate Snapraid with Drivepool - into the product   
    You can run snapraidhelper (on CodePlex) as a scheduled task to test, sync, scrub and e-mail the results on a simple schedule.
    If you like, you can even use the "running file" drivepool optionally creates while balancing to trigger it. Check my post history.
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