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  1. Well....it looks like Jaga got lucky. I didn't. This is the third update I've been through where I've lost all the custom names and locations of all my drives. I'm getting really tired of this. I recognize that bugs happen, but for this to have been an issue this long and still not be fixed doesn't induce confidence that StableBit is actually working as we all think it should. I mean, this seems like it should be an easy issue to track down and fix. And it's not a minor issue--if a disk goes bad I need to know which box and bay to pull it from. Poking around and running burst tests to try and locate a disk is a poor thing to expect from your paying customers. *sigh*. I don't recall what version I upgraded from...I've been leaving it on auto check so it would be whatever was prior to the version I'm running now ( So...if I yet again go through all my drives and set their locations what is the likelihood the next update won't jack this all up again? I'm really getting tired of fixing an issue that shouldn't be an issue every time your app updates. And while you claim this is a small number of users experiencing this, I bet the number is higher than you think. I went through three of these and haven't yet complained--just read the forums and expected you all were working to fix this. This time I'm just so fed up with it all that I set up a forum account and posted this message. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't feel the need to be yet another complainer when there's already issues posted about this. But the fact that you are minimizing it by saying it doesn't happen to many users based simply on how many people complain spurred me to this. I hope others having this issue do the same so that the bug can be taken seriously by the developers.
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