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  1. Thanks for the replies, I'm pretty sure i don't have a back up to reinstall from so looks like i need to start again, i think its pretty bad that there isn't a warning when looking at that update box that pops up telling you that all the data may be lost. Thanks, Carl
  2. Ok I think i have fixed the issue by unticking the remote control option on both and then re-enabling it, they are now showing
  3. Hi I have just updated stablebit on both my PC and server to the latest version recommended, firstly they both lost all the setting which I'm not happy about but have posted in another thread about that, but i have another issue which maybe is something I'm missing but if i click on the drop down "connect to" option they are only listing the device that its running on and not showing the other device. I could previously access the stablebit running on my server which is headless from my PC but after the update its not showing, is this something i need to do and have forgot as it was some time ago i set them up originally ? Thanks, Carl
  4. Hi Just signed up as I've been using Stablebit and Drivepool for a while now, I have just had the update box pop up on my PC and server and have updated both but as above it has lost all setting on both, so I no longer know which drives are where in my server or PC, to say i am annoyed is an understatement. Is there a way of restoring the setting from before the update ? Thanks, Carl
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