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  1. Anybody any ideas on this i cannot do anything with my pool at the moment. I've done a clean install as per Q3017479 and still no dice. any chance of fixing this or am i looking at a reinstall of windows?
  2. I've started having a weird issue where if i open the drive pool UI I cannot click on anything, even if you just hover the mouse over either of the arrows to switch pools or click the arrow to bring up the option to re balance or click to manage the pool then i get the windows thinking circle cursor for a second or two then the ui closes, anybody any ideas? I've uninstalled and reinstalled, tried the RC but still the same I've attached the log file just in case but it does not seem to show so much. Cheers Edd DrivePool.Service-2019-10-14.log
  3. OK I think I have found the issue. you may remember in my first post I mentioned that I had probably done something wrong.........well turns out I forgot to pay for the software. I bought drive pool for 4 PS's and scanner for 2 of them (or so I thought) turns out I only bought scanner for one. Strange that its not showing trial expired and that I need to purchase a license though. The license number in the "manage license"tab does not match any I have an email for. anyway panic over
  4. @Christopher (Drashna), the work window is set for scan anytime. i clicked start scan 4 hours ago still nothing. strangely i'm pretty sure all my drives had been scanned before but now say never checked. the drives are active as far as i can see the settings page matches the example in the manual i cannot manually start them either I've tried highlighting the drive and clicking the start scan button and in the disk sectors window neither work maybe you can spot something in my settings cheers Edd
  5. Hi this is probably me doing something stupid but i cannot for the life of me get Scanner to perform a scan. If I enable auto scan no drives are scanned, highlight a drive and click start scan nothing happens double click a drive and click start scan in the extended window nothing happens. I've checked the time settings and its allowed to scan at anytime of the day. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled to no avail. Can someone put me out of my misery what am I doing wrong or point me in the right direction to solve it. Cheers Edd
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