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    Hi, I've got a few questions. The first one is regarding Team Drives for Google Drive. I've recently got access to a team drive that is 5TB big so now I want to mount and create a 5TB CloudDrive container in that specific folder because my regular Google Drive is just 100GB. Is this possible as of now? Question number two. I have big problems with disconnects when uploading to my GSuite container. I do have to manually reconnect it many times during a 100GB upload (~20 * 5GB files). Chunk size is set to 20MB and here are the other settings: Please give me something that works because I've tried so many different settings with the same result. The third question is also about my GSuite container. Whenever I upload anything my connection to internet is totally killed for all other clients in my LAN. I can't even browse any sites. Which settings should I use? I've got a 100Mbit/100Mbit connection. Settings see above.
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