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    Convert Tool?

    Hi, since Google Drive is marked as an experimental provider in the last beta version, is it possible to create a tool, that can convert a google drive clouddrive to a local drive or file share drive? I still have problems using my google clouddrive (ticket is open and we are still searching for the problem). With the tool i could download the clouddrive to my local space, convert it and then restore my data. Kind regards, Tobias
  2. I ran Clouddrive on a dedicated server and windows crashed every 2-3 days, because of I/O hard drive errors. At the moment i try it at home again. Is not working better. I try to resize the drive (shrink it), but its not working better. Clouddrive is working for a while and then again a disconnect because of read errors. In the log are a lot of write errors and not found elements...
  3. Hi, since about 6 months i have a lot of problems to download from my clouddrive (Google Drive). I have a lot of forced unmounts, because i have many read errors. But i dont know why :( I have this problem with two clouddrives on different accounts. Actually i have three cloud drives, but only the first one i created is working without big problems. The other two i cant use. Often my windows crash, because of the clouddrive problems. In the log files i see often something about cant read or element not found. What do you need to help me? I also use rclone without problems on the same accounts. So it can not be a connection issue to google.
  4. 3 CloudDrives in 2 GDrive accounts. At the moment its nearly unusable for me... At the moment it is working with disabled prefetching and only 1 connection. But it happens again, if i eg. download one file and upload other files.
  5. Hi Guys, is it possible to add rclone mounts to a new poll? I mounted two "drives" with rclone (diferrenct accounts) and want to put them in a new drivepool. But i dont see them in drivepool. Is this possible or not? I didnt find something about it. Here is a thread, where someone seemed to use this combination, but i am not sure... Kind regards, Tobias
  6. It's a dedicated root server in finnland. And i have no other connection issues... Today morning (6:00-8:00 CEST) the drives are connecting, i got lot of red errors and then one or two gets disconnected. DrivePool tell me about a missing drive, but i cant not use the identify button (There are not enough informations about the disk) and i can just reboot the server. The it begins again... The log file just say: [IoManager:68] Thread abort performing Read I/O operation on provider. [IoManager:68] Error processing read request. Der Thread wurde abgebrochen. [IoManager:68] Error in read thread. Der Thread wurde abgebrochen. And then the drives gets disconnected... I think it has something to do with the time. After 11:00 +/- i normally get less download errors, mostly no errors.
  7. It's a little bit better now, but i still got the downloading errors and some forced unmounts...
  8. Ok, then i'll give it a try! 4-5 forced unmounts and disconnects today. And a lot of red download errors... Perhaps something like a timeout or other thredshold could be usefull. The drive is downloading (not very fast, but its working) and then out of the blue a forced unmount of the drive. But then i try a reinstall in the next days. Perhaps i have also luck like you I also edited the Providersettings and put my client id into it, but it changed nothing...
  9. Is it still running for you? Perhaps i should try a reinstall too. Did you do something else too? Like editing the service file? I still have a lot of red download errors, forced unmounts and so on...
  10. Google seems to have big problems at the moment. I still have problems too while downloading data from gdrive. For the last three days i didnt had a forced unmount, but i got a lot of red errors... Today i saw a lot of "Service unaivable" errors in the log. I found a post from a german guy, who could be part of the problem (his own words). He forked rclone and made some changes for using multiple service accounts and bypassing quotas, so he could transfer with 14Gbit/s and he know others who made it faster... He also wrote about 503 errors and an overloaded google backend.
  11. I have this problem too with GDrive. But the drive also disconnects often and very fast... Even when there is no download. Download threads are set to 4 and prefetch forward to 150MB.
  12. I am not sure, how clouddrive this always handles. But the most important thing is: does your cloud provider support big files? The most providers accept normaly 5GB files or something like that.
  13. I didnt know the troubleshooter. I have done, what you said
  14. The log is full with write errors: CloudDrive.Service.exe Warning 0 [CloudDrive] Error getting write requests from driver. Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden 2018-11-23 06:55:00Z 1196908641112 CloudDrive.Service.exe Warning 0 [CloudDrive] Error updating statistics. Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden 2018-11-23 06:55:00Z 1196909062464 The german text say: The system can not find the given file
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