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  1. Hi, I'm not sure how to explain this but I'll try my best. I have a ton of movie and music files that I'm wanting to backup to my cloud account but I want to save the complete files as they are on my pc and not chunks with random letters and numbers so that I can identify them without stablebit and download them from the cloud without needing stablebit clouddrive in case I need access to them without having access to stablebit. Is this possible?
  2. I had a crash and had to reinstall Windows 10. After the installation my 2 Cloud Drives didnt show up in the usual "This PC" section where all my physical and virtual drives are. The only thing I have done (besides reinstllation of the OS" was changed the size of both drives from 10 TB to 100 TB to which DriveCloud informed me that it couldnt change the volume size and that i would need to do that manually. I tried resizing the volumes using a partition manager with not success. I ended up destroying one of the drive but have one left with7.40 TB of data on it. It has finally showed up in This PC but when trying to access it i get a message popup telling me the drive needs to be formatted. What have i done wrong and how can i fix it? Cheers
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