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  1. Uninstalling, rebooting and installing seemed to fix it for me.
  2. My two pools have also disappeared strangely. My drives are still there but just my two pool drives are now gone. Tried the reset setting option in troubleshooting and that did nothing. Tried doing the repair which OP did and got the following errors: Restarted and still got the same message. I am unsure whether I had a recent Windows update or not but it could very well be the case. Also looked at the installation option in the wiki, however the covecube disk eumlater and covecube disk device is no where to be seen in device manager.
  3. I decided to upgrade to the beta since it mentioned: Didn't know what it meant exactly but thought since it mentioned the software I am using for NFS it was worth a shot. Installed/upgraded to the BETA and everything is working again.
  4. Hello, I am having issues accessing my drivepool via NFS. I posted a similar topic a while back and downgrading hanewin worked at that time. However, the latest version of hanewin was working fine with my pool until after I reformatted my system and reinstalled my operating system. I added a non-pooled drive and can access it just fine via NFS. I have tried resetting permissions using the troubleshooter and have also followed the instructions here multiple times and still cannot seem to get access via NFS. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. That worked, thanks a bunch!
  6. Hey there, I formatted my OS drive and reinstalled windows 10 today. Followed the procedures for back up and my pools were recovered just fine. However, I am having issues trying to access my drive pools via hanewin NFS now. Before the re-installation of windows 10 I could access them fine via my mobile device and kodi but now I cannot. I have tried adding a different file path to hanewin which was not part of the pooled drive directory(outside of PoolPart...) on a drive that was part of a pool and NFS worked perfectly fine so I am most certain that drive pool is causing an issue. I am not sure if it is related to permissions or if some sort of default windows setting is interfering somehow. I have tried CoveFs_ReportAsNtfs and that hasn't worked. I have also tried removing all drives from a pool and adding them back and that as well proved to not be effective. Any suggestions are appreciated, I would love to have this resolved and restore my NFS capabilities. Thanks EDIT: Also tried the troubleshoot utility and ran the restore drive shares and got this error. And for more information I have two drive pools; one being H, with 2 3TB drives and drivepool G with 5 3TB drvies.
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